Top Real Estate Blogs list  [Updated for 2016]

If you’re anything like us – want to be better informed, become a smarter investor and learn how to successfully market your properties – you need a quality reading list. A go-to-resource of expert advice covering a range of real estate topics from a variety of different angles.

Often, finding this information involves weeding your way through piles of virtual garbage.

Not anymore!

Last year we released the top 65 real estate blogs list. The post did really well. But, this year we are taking it to another level.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the “85 Best Real Estate Blogs of 2016”. A revised list featuring many familiar experts, as well as 28 new faces you have never seen before (we removed a few old ones too). This list is loaded with actionable advice from both local and world-renowned real estate experts.

You’ll find site descriptions, top posts and Twitter information for every expert included on the list.

This is the most valuable and comprehensive real estate list post you’ll find anywhere online. A must-read for every property manager, investor, homeowner and landlord.

The list is segmented into topical categories so you can navigate directly to the section most interesting to you. Simply click one of the links below.

  1. Investment
  2. Marketing
  3. News
  4. Local
  5. Corporate
  6. Podcasts

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Let’s jump in!

85 Real Estate Blogs You Need To Read in 2016 (Broken Down by Category)

Top real estate investment blogs

Seth Williams real estate expert#1. Seth Williams – 

Seth Williams runs one of the top real estate investment blogs on the internet. Every piece of content he publishes is informed and actionable. If you want to learn how to find motivated sellers, sell properties fast, create passive income and find financial freedom in real estate, check out Seth’s blog today!

Favorite post:

101 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Real Estate Investing

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Mark Ferguson real estate expert#2. Mark Ferguson –

Follow real estate guru Mark Ferguson as he introduces you to long term rental investment strategies, as well as ‘fix and flip” tactics that generate serious passive cash flow.

Favorite post:

How I built multiple $100,000+ real estate businesses 

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Seth Williams real estate expert#3. Brandon Turner –

Brandon Turner is the man behind the Bigger Pockets podcast. Real Estate in your tweties is his personal real estate blog where he teaches you the strategies he used to create real estate wealth in his twenties.

Favorite post:

12 simple tips for beginner real estate investors

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Matt Theriault real estate expert#4. Matt Theriault –

After serving as a Desert Storm Marine Matt Theriault built a small real estate empire with hardly using one dime of his own money or one point of his own credit and has found a knack for simplifying complex real estate investment processes. Great blog!

Favorite post:

7 uses of leverage you must know before investing in real estate

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Cody Sperber real estate expert#5. Cody Sperber –

Real estate investing blog filled with tips and tricks to help you be successful. He adds a comical twist that makes reading a lot of his content really fun.

Favorite post:

How to calculate your net worth as a real estate investor

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Bigger Pockets#6.

If there was one blog I could read, this would be it. Insights from industry experts answering every type of investment question you could imagine.

Favorite post:

5 financial steps to take before you invest in real estate

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Marco Santarelli real estate expert#7. Marco Santarelli –

Real estate news, advice, opinion, and insights from one of the best in the industry. If you haven’t read Marco’s work or connected with him on Twitter or facebook, do it now. He has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Favorite post:

When to buy investment real estate

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Danny Johnson real estate expert#8. Danny Johnson –

Danny Johnson has been flipping houses for over 10 years and he shares his best tips on the Flipping Junkie blog. Easy reads with a ton of value.

Favorite post:

How to Get Money For Investing in Real Estate

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REIclub real estate expert#9.

Real Estate Investment Articles, Videos, Blog, Clubs, and Forums for Real Estate Investors. This another one-stop shop for anyone interested in learning more about the investment space.

Favorite post:

27 Ways Real Estate Investors Find Motivated Sellers

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Ben Leybovich real estate expert#10. Ben Leybovich –

A man with an inspiring story, Ben Leybovich shares all the tactics he used to build a $1.5 million real estate portfolio through lender financing.

Favorite post:

How to Choose a Good Rental Property

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Joe Crump real estate expert#11. Joe Crump –

Joe has been a real estat investor since 1986. Through trial and much error, Joe found a system for real estate investment and uses his blog to share his knowledge.

Favorite post:

How I buy junk houses for 12 cents on the dollar and sell them for full price without doing repairs

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Linda Harrison real estate expert#12. The Broker List –

The Broker List is the brainchild of Linda Day Harrison. Her blog connects brokers, building managers, and CRE experts through timely and actionable information. Highly recommend this one if you’re in the CRE space.

Favorite post:

10 things an OWNER or commercial real estate should do…NOW!

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Jeff Adams real estate expert#13. Jeff Adams –

Jeff Adams is a best-selling author and real estate investor who helps readers find financial freedom through his real estate investment systems. He shares key insights on this blog.

Favorite post:

2015 real estate market: investing tips and tricks for newbies

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Michael Blank real estate expert#14. Michael Blank –

Learn how to invest in apartment buildings by raising money from private individuals. 

Favorite post:

How to find the best property manager with Jake Durtschi

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Sharon Vornholt real estate expert#15. Sharon Vornholt –

Sharon Vornholt is a seasoned real estate investor who has risen from the trenches to achieve great success. She shares her best advice on the blog. Well worth a read through!

Favorite post:

Brittany Bolling – From 0 to 25 Real Estate Deals in Less than 2 Years

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Paula Pant real estate expert#16. Paula Pant –

To skip the 9-to-5 life and live life on her own terms, Paula invested in seven rental properties and now travels the world with no one to answer to but herself.

Favorite post:

Real Estate Investing: Why Rentals Are The Best Choice

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Mark Brian real estate expert#18. Mark Brian –

The name says it all. Mark Brian’s blog cuts through the fat and reveal some of the most “to-the-point” information for investors.

Favorite post:

Thinking about buying a home? Consider this advice…

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J Scott real estate expert#19. J Scott –

Specializing in rehabbing homes and fixing and flipping, J Scott blogs about his own rehabbing property ventures and also blogs and podcasts about unique investment strategies that have made him a lot of money.

Favorite post:

All about leverage

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Lynn Pineda real estate expert#20. Lynn Pineda –

South Florida Real Estate Blog teaching buyers and sellers how to get the most value out of their homes.

Favorite post:

20 Cold, Hard Facts about Real Estate Short Sales

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Andrew Fortune real estate expert#21. Andrew Fortune –

Tips, articles, and Realtor advice for home buyers and sellers in Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding real estate areas.

Favorite post:

How To Make The Most Money When You Sell Your House

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JP Moses real estate expert#22. J.P. Moses –

One-stop blog for real estate investing tips, strategies, and ideas filled with real-world examples from founder, JP Moses.

Favorite post:

Top 10 fair housing mistakes investors make (#8 blows my mind)

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Fortune Builders real estate expert#23. Fortune Builders –

This blog provides in-depth articles, news, videos and infographics about investing in real estate and running a business.

Favorite post:

Start your investing career off on the right foot 

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One of the best resources for landlords. Learn how to successfully manage your rental properties, build wealth, and keep your tenants happy.

Favorite post:

How to Be a Successful Landlord in 20 Easy Steps

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Realty Mogul real estate expert#25. Realty Mogul –

The Realty Mogul blog shares tips on real estate investing across a variety of different types of real estate and investment opportunities for crowd funders interested in real estate.

Favorite post:

Multi-family investments may beat pre-recession levels

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Tracy Royce real estate expert#26. Tracy Royce –

Arizona short sale expert, and Bigger Pockets contributor, Tracy Royce discusses short sale tactics and real estate trends.

Favorite post:

How to control crybaby contractors 

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CRE Online#27. CRE Online –

CRE online is one of the leading blogs on the topic of real estate investment. They consistently release information that will keep your finger on the pulse of major changes in the industry, and frequently share actionable tips and strategies to help find profitable investment opportunities.

Favorite post:

The Real Estate Cycle: How to Buy Low, Sell High, and Build Wealth

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Fundrise blog.#28.

The Fundrise blog provides helpful resources to help you get started with real estate investment and learn about the new industry of real estate crowdfunding.

Favorite post:

8 questions every real estate investor needs to ask

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CRE Outsider.#29. Chris Clark –

Chris Clark writes about CRE related technology, marketing and anything else that looks interesting. Well worth the read!

Favorite post:

Google Takes Another Look at Real Estate

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Hassle Free Cashflow Investing.#30. Hassle Free Cashflow Investing

Learn the secrets of Hassle Free Cash Flow Investing as professional investor David Campbell blogs about creative real estate strategies and opportunities.

Favorite post:

21 ways to get out of the rat race faster

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Just Rent To Own#31. Just Rent to Own

Just Rent to Own is a new one on the list. Spearheaded by Nicholas Brown, the content marketing team regularly publishes actionable and insightful articles about market trends, rental polices and home buying tips.

Favorite post:

The minimum salary you need to afford a home in 27 cities

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Multifamily #32. Multifamily Executive

A one-stop resource for everything multifamily. Editor, Lindsay Machak, delivers deep insights into what is trending in the multifamily industry so you can make smarter investment decisions.

Favorite post:

Why older millennials are leaving the urban core and younger millennials aren’t far behind

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Property Metrics#33. Property Metrics

The name says it all. This blog demystifies a lot of the more complex and often overlooked metrics in commercial real estate. Can you explain MIRR or the difference between ingress and egress in real estate?

Favorite post:

What you should know about the triple net (NNN) lease

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CRE Show.#34. Commercial Real Estate Show

Michael Bull has delivered commercial real estate to the masses. His CRE Show features insights from some of the biggest names in the industry, and is now syndicated nationwide. As a broker, Michael has closed over $3B in transactions making him one of the most sought after CRE advisors around. A lot to be learned here.

Favorite post:

The lure of a sale-leaseback

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Allan C Buchanan.#35. Allan C. Buchanan

We just came across Allan’s site. It’s a treasure trove of actionable commercial real estate advice built on years of professional experience providing location advice to owners and occupants of industrial buildings in Southern California. 

Favorite post:

5 things a commercial real estate owner considers – in a deal

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Josh Cantwell.#36. The Strategic Real Estate Coach

Josh Cantwell and his team provide real estate investors and agents some of the best, most up-to-date resources, training, tools, techniques, tips, videos, news, interviews and insider information on investing in real estate in today’s market.

Favorite post:

[8 Steps] How to become a successful and confident self-directed private investor

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Top real estate marketing blogs

Bill Gassett real estate expert#37. Bill Gassett –

Bill Gassett is one of the top social media influencers in the real estate industries. He curates and publishes some of the best content you’ll find anywhere on the web when it comes to marketing and investment best practices. The guy must never sleep because he is everywhere. Please follow this guy, you’ll learn a LOT!

Favorite post:

10 Signs That Your Home is Priced Too High

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Joe Manausa real estate expert#38. Joe Manausa –

Joe Manausa is a nationally recognized real estate marketing expert with over 22 years experience helping clients scale investment opportunities.

Favorite post:

6 Things You Don’t Know That Will Hurt You When You Buy A Home

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Geek Estate real estate expert#39. Geek Estate –

Real estate marketing and web design blog for real estate agents. Loads of great actionable content in here.

Favorite post:

5 ultimate real estate contact management and marketing tips 

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Agent Image real estate expert#40. Agent Image –

A real estate website and marketing blog that provides social media and Internet Marketing tips on increasing website exposure and listing leads.

Favorite post:

Your real estate marketing calendar: Do’s and Don’ts

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1000 watt real estate expert#41. 1000W Blog –

Writings about real estate, branding, marketing, media and technology.

Favorite post:

Start your investing career off on the right foot 

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Jim Cronin real estate expert#42. Jim Cronin –

Detailed blogging advice which focuses on lead generation, SEO and writing for the real estate industry.

Favorite post:

Is There Such A Thing As A Perfectly Written Real Estate Blog Article?

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Union Street Media#43. Union Street Media

Union Street Media specializes in generating traffic, leads and conversions for real estate businesses. They regularly share tips and strategies with their readers. Whether it’s building a responsive website, generating PPC leads or ranking higher in local search, there is something here for everyone.

Favorite post:

7 ways to earn web traffic for your real estate website

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Lone Wolf real estate expert#44. Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies

Patrick Wiltse has done a fantastic job with the content strategy for this blog. He regularly shares actionable strategies and tactics to grow your online real estate presence. Everything from personal branding, recruiting, social media trends, lead generation and traffic tips. This one should be on your short list.

Favorite post:

Top 7 real estate lead generation strategies used by the experts

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Jennifer Snyder#45. Marketing Ideas for Agents

Jennifer Snyder provides a wealth of online marketing advice through blogging, webinars, video and work sheets. She skips the traditional postcards, flyers, bus benches and shoot straight into the modern era of landing pages, email marketing, blogging, social media and anything the internet has to offer.

Favorite post:

8 deadly sins of email marketing

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Properties Online#46. Properties Online

Amanda Cornelius provides loads of great information from the latest in real estate technology and marketing.

Favorite post:

12 scary terms for buyers and how to make them more understandable

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Jim Cronin real estate expert#47. Real Estate Marketing blog

If you’re looking for creative ways to market your real estate business online, this site should be one of your first stops. It covers sales funnels, content marketing, web design, lead generation tips and more.

Favorite post:

How to nurture real estate leads with content marketing

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Flyerco#48. Flyerco

Flyerco is a newer blog that delivers loads of actionable online marketing advice realtors can use to increase web traffic, generate leads and close sales with the latest technologies.

Favorite post:

Remarkable content strategy tips for realtors

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Top real estate news sources


RE Wired real estate expert#49. RE Wired –

Opinion, commentary and analysis on everything that makes the U.S. housing economy tick.

Favorite post:

10 tips for first-time homebuyers

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#50. Property Cluster –

Tips for how to sell your house quickly.  

Favorite post:

7 negotiation tips for home buyers [infographic]

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Seth Williams real estate expert #51. Housing Wire –

Add this one to the shortlist. Property Cluster is anfluential source of news and information on U.S. housing finance. The blogs covers lending, servicing and real estate investments.

Favorite post:

White House may cut FHA premiums 50 bps by executive action

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Ilyce Glink real estate expert#52. Ilyce Glink –

Ilyce Glink and her Real Estate Matters blog appear in over 100 newspapers and sites.

Favorite post:

Millennials And Money, Why It’s Cheaper To Own Than Rent, And What To Do When HELOCs Reset

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Joe Stampone real estate expert#53 Joe Stampone –

Joe Stampone discusses is unorthodox path into real estate investment and shares his strategies for achieving similar success.

Favorite post:

Top 10 Steps When Reviewing A Passive Real Estate Investment Opportunity

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Don Campbell real estate expert#54. Don Campbell –

Canada’s Most Trusted Source of Unbiased Real Estate Investing Education, Coaching, Training, Tips, Strategies.

Favorite post:

8 principles of real estate investing

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Jonathan Miller real estate expert#55. Jonathan Miller –

A leader in the real estate industry, Jonathan Miller breaks down the economy and provides up-to-date information on the market and investing, loaded with detailed infographics.

Favorite post:

Spectacular TED Talk on The US Financial Crisis: How it Happened + How to Prevent

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Boom Town real estate expert#56. Boom Town! –

Get the latest news surrounding real estate technology in the BoomTown blog.

Favorite post:

How To Generate Seller Leads: Prospecting Hot List

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Inman Next real estate expert#57. Inman Next –

Inman next covers every corner of the real estate industry ensuring you’re always current and informed.

Favorite post:

11 amazing real estate facts to entertain your brain

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RE Daily#58. The Real Daily

Looking for the latest in real estate? This is a one-stop resource.

Favorite post:

Top 10 hottest zip codes in America based on employment and housing data

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Commercial Tenant Source#59.Commercial Tenant Resource

A great online resource put together by the team at Colliers International discussing a wide range of topics related to the commercial real estate industry.

Favorite post:

The race for space

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Bankrate real estate expert#60. Bankrate Mortgage Blog

Bankrate’s mortgage blog is a go-to resource for the latest news and information about mortgage rate averages and legislative changes. You will also find a huge list of personal finance resources.

Favorite post:

Uncle Sam: PMI is tax-deductible

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Top local real estate blogs

Kyle Hiscock real estate expert

#61. Kyle Hiscock –

Keith and Kyle Hiscock are top selling real estate agents in the Greater Rochester, NY area. They provide a ton of super insightful local market data, as well as actionable social media marketing tips and strategies

Favorite post:

The who’s who of people in real estate to follow in social media – Google Plus

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Debbie Drummond real estate expert#62. Debbie Drummond –

Debbie Drummond regularly publishes quality content related to buy and selling luxury homes in the Las Vegas market. Definitely recommend following her blog.

Favorite post:

8 super home selling tips for summer

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Karen Highland real estate expert#63. Karen Highland –

Karen Highland provides helpful information and resources to buyers and sellers in the Frederik Maryland area. A lot of Karen’s blog content is actionable in any real estate market.

Favorite post:

Whether to Update Your Home or Sell As-Is

Follow Karen on Twitter >>

Ryan Lundquist real estate expert#64. Ryan Lundquist –

Ryan Lundquist is an expert appraiser who focuses his content around the local Sacramento housing market. He educates homeowners about the appraisal process and teaches investors how to work efficiently with appraisers during the buy/sell process.

Favorite post:

An open letter to sellers about pricing during a slower real estate market

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Tim Ellis real estate expert#65. Tim Ellis –

This blog provides local real estate news, statistics, and commentary without the sales spin.

Favorite post:

Foreclosures almost back to pre-bust levels

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CJ Brasiel real estate expert#66. CJ Brasiel –

CJ Brasiel provides expert tips for selling your home in the San Jose area.

Favorite post:

Foreign Buyers to Turn Up the Heat in 2016

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Jim Klinge real estate expert#67. Jim Klinge –

Jim started the blog in 2006 and has since amasses over 5,000 blog posts, 1,700 YouTube videos with over 2 million views. He focuses primarily on North San Diego real estate market, but many of the topics and insights he provides are applicable in any market. Well worth a read!

Favorite post:

Hitler’s Zillow

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NEREJ real estate expert#68. New England Real Estate Journal –

The New England Real Estate Journal is one of the largest commercial real estate news source in the United States.

Favorite post:

Five tips to leverage internship productivity at your company this summer

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Best corporate real estate blogs

Redfin real estate expert#69. Redfin –

A fantastic resource with loads of informative and actionable content from across the national real estate scene. It includes everything from real estate news and analysis, to investment tips and advice.

Favorite post:

5 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent During a House Tour

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Movoto real estate expert#70.

This blog makes real estate (even more) fun. From quirky real estate trends to calculating the cost of famous imaginary houses, the Movoto blog has done it all. Great read!

Favorite post:

29 Things Only People From Upstate New York Understand

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Chris Clothier real estate expert#71. Chris Clothier –

Memphis Invest is one of the premier turn-key real estate investment companies in the U.S. making the purchase of cash flow real estate and passive investing, simple.

Favorite post:

5 hurdles young real estate investors must overcome to be successful

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real estate expert#72.

Real estate news with blog posts on buying homes, celebrity real estate, selling homes, and investment tips.

Favorite post:

Top 10 hot housing markets to watch in 2015

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real estate expert#73.

This is another great resource for agents, landlords and property managers alike. Loads of quality information from industry leaders that will keep you abreast of national real estate trends, and provide actionable strategies for selling and marketing your home.

Favorite post:

The most expensive home for sale in every state

Follow Zillow on Twitter >>

MSN real estate#74. MSNrealestate

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all the latest real estate news and trends, this is it!

Favorite post:

FHA to lower cost of mortgage insurance

Follow MSN Real Estate on Twitter >>

Trulia real estate expert#75.

Content geared towards making the buying, renting and selling of real estate simple and pain free. Get unique insights into housing data as well as actionable advice for real estate professionals.

Favorite post:

Ready to win your financial resolutions? Find out how to succeed in 2015

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House Logic real estate expert#76.

This blog from the National Association of REALTORS®, is a free source of info that helps homeowners protect, maintain & enhance their home value.

Favorite post:

Tax Advantages Homeowners Get That Renters Don’t

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Top real estate podcasts

Michael Blank real estate expert#77. Michael Blank –

Learn how to invest in apartment buildings by raising money from private individuals.

Favorite podcast:

How to find the best property manager

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#78. Robert Helms –

This real estate investing radio show/blog is in Q&A format to provide answers to all of your real estate investing questions with the help of their excellent team of advisors.

Favorite podcast:

Robert Kiyosaki talks second chance – for your money, your life and our world

Follow Real Estate Guys on Twitter >>

House Logic real estate expert#79.

he BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building Podcast interviews investors and professionals each week, focusing on actionable tips and advice.

Favorite podcast:

Building a $350 Million Real Estate Empire Using the 10X Rule with Grant Cardone

Follow Bigger Pockets on Twitter >>

House Logic real estate expert#80. Joe Fairless –

Joe Fairless runs ones of the most popular real estate podcasts on the web. He regularly interviews experts on a range of subject matter. From investment to lead generation best practices, this podcast is goldmine of actionable advice from some of the best minds in the game!

Favorite podcast:

The COMPLETE Guide to Investing in Single-Family Properties

Follow Joe on Twitter >>

Real estate expert#81. Real Estate Coaching Radio

With over 100,000 listeners, Tim and Julie Harris have created one of the most popular podcasts in the industry. They regularly interview big-name real estate executives, sharing advice to agents and brokers on wide range of industry topics.

Favorite podcast:

Ryan Serhant from ‘Million Dollar Listing New York

Follow Tim and Julie on Twitter >>

House Logic real estate expert#82. Real Estate Uncut

Each weekday Kevin Turner and the Real Estate Uncut team provides professionals in the real estate industry a short audio program with actionable tips to boost their career or grow their business.

Favorite podcast:

Center your KPI’s around conversion ratios + block out prospecting time

Follow Kevin Turner on Twitter >>

Robert Whitelaw real estate expert#83. Real Estate Realties with The Rebel Broker

Robert Whitelaw, a Californian with over 25 years experience has published almost 250 episodes on his podcast. Topics range from home builder confidence, rent-to-own investments, foreclosure impact and more.

Favorite podcast:

New and improved subprime lending?

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Spouses Flipping Houses#84. Spouses Flipping Houses

Doug is a former appraiser and his wife Andrea is an interior designer and licensed realtor. The husband and wife have been flipping houses since 2008. They have bought and sold 200+ houses and are now doing 5-6 deals per month. They share everything they’ve learned along the way.

Favorite podcast:

Funding your deals! 4 of the BEST sources for financing your project!

Randy Lawrence real estate expert#85. Randy Lawrence – The Real Estate Preacher

Randy Lawrence is a prolific real estate entrepreneur with over 24 years experience and four successful real estate investment companies. He has been seen on large publications such as Tampa Tribune, CBN and NBC. His podcast shares lessons learned goining from bankruptcy to a 7 figure business.

Favorite podcast:

Interview with Joe Fairless: How to raise $1M for your investment business

There you have it – 85 of the best real estate blogs you’ll find anywhere online. Add each one to your favorite RSS reader and elevate you business in 2016.

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Are there any other blogs that you would like to see added to the list? Leave us a comment below and we’ll check it out.