Rexburg is home to the Idaho campus of Brigham Young University. This draws a lot of students and academic professionals to the area. Maybe you’re new here or thinking about moving to the area. Perhaps you’re visiting someone at the school or you’re planning a long weekend to explore eastern Idaho.

Whatever your reasons for being in Rexburg, we think you’ll find it fun and full of opportunities for recreation, creativity, and general enjoyment.

If you’re wondering where to start, we have a list of 10 activities to do while you’re in Rexburg.

Fly Fishing on Henry’s Fork

Henry’s Fork of the Snake River and the South Fork of the Snake River are very close to Rexburg, offering outstanding fishing opportunities for everyone from novices to experienced anglers and fishermen. Don’t miss these world class attractions, especially if you’re a fly fishing enthusiast.

Rexburg Nature Park

Anyone looking for a pleasant outdoor place to take a stroll, watch for wildlife, or have a picnic will want to visit the Rexburg Nature Park. Here, you’ll find a skate park and a disc golf course, as well as playground equipment for the kids and a paved trail that’s perfect for walking, jogging, or biking. Fishing can be done in a variety of ponds.

Museum of Rexburg

Learn about the Teton Dam Disaster by visiting the Museum of Rexburg, which you’ll find in the basement of the Tabernacle within the Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society Museum. There’s an impressive collection of flood memorabilia as well as exhibits dedicated to pioneer days.

Yellowstone Bear World

A drive-thru wildlife safari awaits you at Yellowstone Bear World. There’s a chance of seeing elk, bison, deer, mountain goats and the Black Bear or his larger cousin, the Grizzly Bear. This park is just five minutes south of Rexburg on Highway 20.

Legacy Flight Museum

Fans of military history and older aircraft will love what they find at Legacy Flight Museum. Head to the Rexburg Madison County Airport to get a glimpse of aviation from the early days.

Hit the Links

If golf is your jam, there are two local courses that are highly recommended. The Rexburg Municipal Course is a well-landscaped nine-hole course that can be walked. There’s also the Teton Lakes Golf Course, which includes three nine-hole courses and a clubhouse that serves food.

Have a Spa Day

Rexburg understands the importance of self-care, and there are some great spots to get a massage, facial, nail treatment, or other service for your skin and your soul. Try the locally owned Namaste Spa and Salon or Cure Touch Massage Therapy.

Try an Escape Room

Pretend escapes are all the rage, and in Rexburg we’re part of the trend. There are several good escape rooms throughout the city, and whether you’re looking for strict time limits, small groups, or complex clues, you’ll love the fun and games at places like Rexburg Re-Escape and The Escape House.

Reading and Activities at the Madison District Library

Libraries can tell you a lot about a community, and whether you’re looking for local history, live readings, or a selection of good literature, Rexburg’s Madison District Library is a great place to start. The place keeps a busy social calendar, and you can find events, entertainment, and of course – books.

Take a Tour of Brigham Young University

10 Activities to Do in Rexburg Brigham Young University-Idaho offers campus tours, cultural collaborations, and a variety of academic and social events.

When you’re coming to Rexburg, let us know! We’d be happy to tell you what we love about this community, and why it’s a great place to visit and live. Contact us at Jacob Grant Property Management.